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February 18, 2010

Roasted Carrots: Or, a Recipe Cop-Out

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I love to go to church. Wait, come back! I am not proselytizing, promise! In fact, if I must admit it, what I like most about church are not the sermons (sorry, Reverends I Have Known and Loved) but the community factor. I like to go to church events, I like listening to the Joys and Concerns, the ritual of handing my money in to the altar plate, of pretending to like coffee at social hour.

And so, when I received an email last week on the church’s listserv letting me know that a member of the congregation was having breast cancer surgery, and would people please sign up to bring her meals? I said, “Um, yes!” Meal Delivery is something my old church never did, and it is a practice that I wish every religious institution and/or social group participated in. Essentially, my church mysteriously finds out that a member of the congregation is ill/recovering, and arranges for meals to be delivered to them. This is awesome if you are like most people and want to not leave the house to grocery shop during periods of recovery.

I made baked chicken meatballs, with roasted red pepper couscous and roasted carrots on the side. Unfortunately, I am an idiot, and only have pictures of the carrots. This is dumb, because roasting carrots is as easy as:

Cutting up some carrots.

Putting them on a pan, adding enough salt, pepper, and olive oil to coat, and then sticking them in a 400° oven for 20-30 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Trying hard not to eat all of them while you package them up.

Oh, and by the way, these are fool proof. I have roasted carrots in a 300° oven alongside a pork loin, I have gone the non-roasting method and pan-cooked them in a skillet (it takes about 20 minutes if you go that route), I have fancied it up and added brown sugar and maple syrup on top during the last ten minutes of cooking.

I would feel silly even posting this if they weren’t so damn good. Don’t think of it as me copping out on posting a “recipe.” Think of it as me spreading the word of truth! Justice! And the beta-carotene way!

Also, fact: Vitamin A is one of the four fat-soluble vitamins, and so eating carrots roasted with olive oil will totally give you heat vision. Just like Timmy Turner.


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