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January 30, 2010

but I won’t tell you which bus I take

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I live in a nice little town, south of Boston, called Quincy. The only part of that sentence that is false is where I said this place is “little,” and a “town,” (and if you have ever driven in it, the nice part becomes questionable as well) because Quincy has over 90,000 people, which is perfect if you, like me, want to remain as anonymous as possible at all times.

I mention where I live because today I had to go to a training meeting for the Science Club for Girls. I am going to be a mentor scientist, which means that I, along with another mentor scientist and junior mentors, will teach second-grade girls SCIENCE. As you may know, as kids get older, the achievement gap between girls and boys in the sciences grows. I could tell you why this is, but I would need to utilize all of my Feminist Knowledge, and I am afraid that would run several pages. I once wrote a five-page paper on why women should be angry (I got an A!).

Anyways, that meeting I told you about? It was at 9:45 in the morning. In Porter Square (more on that in a moment). Whenever I go into/through Boston, I use public transportation because the secret reason I moved to the Boston area is due to my serious crush on the MBTA. I can’t explain it, especially because getting molested on the bus isn’t quite my idea of fun, but that’s just the way I am.

Because I realize not everyone is as enamored with the T as I am, let me explain why a 9:45 meeting in Porter Square is such Bad News to someone who lives closer to Quincy Center:

MBTA mapMBTA: we are SO DONE.


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